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One year ago we decided to drastically change our lifestyle. After working 9-5 (and maybe more) for many years in banking & raising two daughters, we decided to have a full time RVer experience for a target of five years. Not an easy decision but it was about time to experiment with a more mobile & adventurous lifestyle.

Talking to friends about the project, we received lots of enthusiastic feedbacks and some concerns. “How can you live without a home?”. But we will be living in a home, a motorhome. “How can you move from a house with several rooms to a single tiny car?” But, as we learned from our research: the house is going to be small, but the yard is going to be huge.


We have long been separated from many friends in the U.S., Brazil, Portugal and Japan. We hope these adventures give us the opportunity to connect through the reflections we share here. We will be sharing here about why we decided to make this lifestyle change, how we chose the vehicle, which places we chose to visit, what & how we cook, how we maintain the vehicle & the coach, how we manage our healthcare, interesting facts of some places visited, among other news. We hope these reflections will spark conversation!


Cicero & Ana

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